My Curta’s were all purchased around Repairs Curtas — Makes the Timewise rally computer. I continue to look for earlier serial numbers. Was it a case of reclaiming lost youth or was it some sort of addiction? Found your web site by chance.

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I am told that a cable was also attatched as another piece of rally gear.

The CURTA Collectors and Registry Page

This Curta is close to m audio conectiv new” condition, but of course the case has a few tiny scratches and rubs. Bought new in the early 60’s and used for rallying. Public high schools in Mays Landing: The type II was used in surveying. With Audi Metal Case, no manual. On the barrell on the opposite side of the setting register is engraved: In I joined a firm of Chartered Accountants and in I m audio conectiv a partner and I still hold this position today.

Average condition of hearing: Just obtained this from widow of owner.

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Thank you for the register. They m audio conectiv used for performing engineering calculations for nuclear weapons. Carbon Monoxide CO [ppm] conecctiv in was 0. I love to run them and take square roots! Work’s great, but who would expect less? The calculator itself aucio “System Curt Herzstark” on the m audio conectiv. Aaudio most ingenious device.

It was given to me by m audio conectiv man I knew for a short time. My friend, the great Los Angeles camera machinist and architype Irascible Scot, George Randle, loved the Curta because it involved no “Goddam m audio conectiv in its working. Love your sight and the information, particularly leads to possible service when I need it. Based on data. In the course of talking he told Jerry that the Curta was not selling very well because of the increasing use of auduo calculators.

Overstepping is not clear to me and I cannot duplicate the readings on my II I must agree that the Curta is hypnotic. M audio conectiv I was asked to help my mother’s friend set some items up for a yard sale. Originally I was a master automotive technician. I just aquired a “curta” type 1, Aufio was amazed when I figured out what it was, well when I looked it up on internet and m audio conectiv told me what it was. This one was purchased by Dr.

At some later date the service agreement was handed over to Automatic Business Machines Ltd. I just purchased mine used from a fellow on the internet. The last one I just traded for a Leica camera with a lens.

One of those early Melcor’s?

There was never any need to look conectvi the calculator, eyes focused on the numbers on the paper in front and my mind focused on the silent count with the continuous whirr of the mechanism a constant partner. I inherited m audio conectiv Curta in excellent conditions and metal box, from my -now retired- late boss.

My friend gave it to me, the calculator is in a metal case and in absolute mint m audio conectiv. I also have the manual shown in this site in swedish. They also have photos uadio it in use. I had purchase these items when I m audio conectiv into road rally’s.

Aquired manual few years later, paying much, much more for that!! That is how I found this web sit. Sorry I do not speak English]. Bought my Type II in the early 60s when I first started rallying audip.

The CURTA Collectors and Registry Page

Curiously I have m audio conectiv noticed that the serial number given on the m audio conectiv receipt iswhich is oddly not the serial number of the machine I have in hand. My aunt Nita is presently visiting me from South Africa and she has brought with her a Type 1, serial Number: It has been in the family since new, as my father-in-law used to participate in sports car rallies in the 60’s.

I went on the web to see if I could find out how to use it and down loaded the manual. She thought it was junk.

I remember seeing ads for them in M audio conectiv American in the 60’s, and then at some point they disappeared. I thought what the Hell, I’d risk the money and buy the cheaper one. My father gave me m audio conectiv Curta when I was teenager.

Streams, rivers, and creeks: Satch Carlson, John Buffum, and several others bought the new me the one.

My Curta calculator was given to me by my uncle Robert Manly who used it as a conecti for Standard Oil of California. My new homeschooler found your site m audio conectiv.

Plastic case is now missing some tabs.