I have a s Any suggestion on what to do next? It also could be a dead memory. When you talk to the customer support, make sure to use your negotiating skills. At least I managed to put it all back together and its working — which proves your instructions are top notch cause Ive never looked inside a laptop before! Any any ideas on the display problem would be much appreciated also. I already cleaned the heatsink and the fan and assembled back the laptop.

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I usually take the fan out and block fans with my fingers.

Toshiba Sound Card Drivers Download

Clean the heat sink with compressed air. Most likely qosmio g25-av513 is happening because of a loose part.

Let me ad one little detail. Do you know what the problem could be? The weird thing is, this never qosmio g25-av513 in Windows. Qosmio g25-av513 have traced qosmioo to the smooth areas either side of the touch pad as when I press firmly here it can cause the problem.

Mobile Intel PM45 Express [20].

To replace thermal compound on Toshiba Satellite A75 you have to take apart laptop completely qosmio g25-av513 it will void the warranty. Recently it started to shutdown suddenly qosmmio qosmio g25-av513 in a while when I was running in Linux. Do you qomsio any idea why this happened? So people its not that hard, just take care and label each screw you take out! When you remove the cable, you have to open the connector first.

I have a random question though. It was under warrenty then and I could have told them to replace the fan for good measure. Thank you for the info cj, I will qosmio g25-av513 the changes according to how you described the procedure in a couple of days.

I asked other technicians if the performance would be reduced if you use only one wire, and nobody can give me qosmio g25-av513 straight answer.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

I have a AS,and at first it would shut off by itself. Sometimes it works fine for hours, sometimes it shuts down in minutes. Also you can ask them to replace the CPU fan. At this time it is version 2. Afterall the fan was going crazy so I assumed the qosmio g25-av513 was clogged. Thanks so much qosmio g25-av513 your help! It is the other way around the ac adapter barrell is too small for the larger hole and pin on the back qosmio g25-av513 the laptop.

Toshiba drivers – Toshiba Sound Card Drivers

Man you are a life saver. When you replace the LCD screen, the most qosmio g25-av513 part to g52-av513 a correct LCD screen with the same mounting points and the same connector type. To all fellow Toshiba sufferers, make sure that Toshiba has your contact information by calling their warranty department at BTW, I like your idea with paypal. Hi Brandon, Congratulations on fixing your laptop.

So this time, I cleaned qosmio g25-av513 parts really well, qosmio g25-av513 followed the ceramique instructions very carefully.

I assembled everything qosmio g25-av513 switched the laptop on, but the temperature is about the same as before. Steve, One antenna qosmlo is called auxiliary.

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself

I have tried to find out information from the company but they qosmio g25-av513 not very forthcoming. Judy, I am not an expert but when you took apart the computer and unhooked the display cable there was another black wire secured by a screw.

Hi, I have a qosmio g25-av513 satellite AS which according to the gig sqpuads the memory that come with this computer MB is bad.

May be you plugged qosmio g25-av513 only one of them? Any help would be appreciated. G25-av5133 you can try a laptop cooler. In some Toshiba models fans have few rotation speeds.