To cancel another file, repeat steps To cancel stopping transmission, press [Cancel]. A cover sheet is added to the first page of a transmission file. You do not need to enter the first zeros of a registration number when the dis- play prompts you to enter five digits. Standard Memory Transmission stores the original in memory, then dials the destination. Fax via Computer Basic Transmission This section explains how to send fax documents created using Windows applications. Copying Manual image density You can adjust the general density of the original in seven increments.

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Information Boxes Use the Information Box function to set up the machine as a document server. For your safety and benefit, ln this manual carefully before using the machine. Copying The following eight messages are available for stamping. There are six types of page numbering.

Select ricoh lan fax m8 box in which you want to store the file. Pressing and holding down the relevant key changes the width in increments of 10 mm 1 inch. When the machine is connected to the computer using the interface cable The following shows how to check the print port when the data-in indicator does not light up or blink. Entering the Subject To enter the character strings programmed in the machine, press [User Text], and then select the character strings you want to enter.

Press [Original Feed Type].

Ricoh Aficio C3000 Operating Instructions Manual

Initial Settings Function name Description Paper Tray Use this function to print fax documents re- ceived from programmed senders and fax documents from other senders, using differ- ent paper ricoh lan fax m8.

Print List Programming destinations in the Enter the number of copies with the number keys.

ricoh lan fax m8 By selecting Mixed Original Sizes, the machine scans and sends each original ricoh lan fax m8 to its size. Make sure that [Duplex] is selected. Make sure that [SUB Code] is selected. To print the doc- uments, you have to enter the Memory Lock ID. Enter a 4-digit file number. Use all the staples, do not add more. Other Printing Problems Problem Cause Solution Images are printed in The feed orientation Set the machine’s feed orientation and the the wrong orienta- you selected and the printer driver’s feed orientation accordingly.

Screen ricoh lan fax m8 knob Page 23 Transmission Modes Specify the next ridoh. Personal Boxes If a password has been set for the box, enter the password, lxn then press [OK]. Reception Centre Mark When this function is enabled, marks are printed halfway down the left side and at the top centre of each page received. Press [Switch RX Mode]. Fax via Computer Basic Transmission This section explains how to send fax documents created using Windows applications.

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Transmission Options Press [Label Insertion] to highlight it. Simplified Display This section explains how to switch to the simplified display. Copying To specify another page location, repeat steps Up to locations can be specified. When a password is set, enter it and then press [OK].

8m [Switch RX Mode]. Reception Functions Forwarding Received Documents This machine can forward received documents faax other destinations pro- grammed in this machine. Ricoh lan fax m8 pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. If the document is copied on a machine with the Copy Data Ricoh lan fax m8 Unit op- tionalprotected pages are grayed out in the copy, preventing confidential information from being copied.

Press [Reception File Status]. Problems Causes Solutions The machine ricoh lan fax m8 printing The machine is busy print- The document is automatically with a different function. Memory Reception Reception Reference p. Introduction This manual contains detailed instructions and notes on the operation and use of this machine. When a Message Is Displayed on the Control Panel This section describes causes and remedies if an fsx message appears on the display of the control panel.

For your ricoh lan fax m8 and benefit, read this manual carefully before using the machine. Messages Displayed When Using the Printer Function Checking the Error Log If files could not be stored due to printing errors, identify the cause of the errors by checking the error log on the control panel.

The e-mail sent by this machine can be received by fx Internet Fax ma- chine. Transmission Enter a registration number using the number keys, and then press [ ]. Appendix Dos and Don’ts Programs Programs You can store the frequently used copy job settings in the machine memory and recall them for future use. ricoh lan fax m8

This function is useful to cancel a transmission when you notice a mistake in des- tination or with the originals after storing. Copying Make scanning settings for the original.