String from Miranda du Plessis – thanks. We suspect the Pi is significant! String from Rich OKelly – thanks. Found your info just now online.. James Butler took the time to drop us an email – thanks: Evidence suggests that it uses the standard android browser – but usage suggests it’s a tad turgid in browser mode. And string information from Kyle Mathhews – again thanks.

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String from Joe Petrie – thanks. String from Dricsson Rose – thanks. Fairly modest size string for a mobile device – remember you are paying for this air-time.

How To Unlock Android (Sony Ericsson Xperia X10) After “Too many pattern attempts”

Do we have a world record for browser string length here? Opera Mini browser on Sony Ericsson P String from Martin Foash – thanks. Major Chinese telecom supplier – currently modest relatively sideline in handsets which are only sold to countries – well we said relatively modest! Found your info just now online.

Blackberry i email surprisephone, SMS, walkie-talkie mode! Android aThingies Anything which is not recognisably a major brand our definition – but we can be corrupted by massive infusions of marketing dollars is placed here. Blackberry Bold II String from Gordon Pettey – thanks. Camera 3 mpx – 3x zoomMusic player MP3. String from Theo Tester – thanks. sony ericsson xperia x10 semc usb flash

Siemens S65 phone bluetooth, 1. Now the spec list just leaves us with a feeling of inferiority they are smarter than we are and it takes about 6 hours to get the specs from these horrible ‘graphic-overkill’ mobile supplier web sites. String from Jeff Davis – thanks. You need this information to make the fewest checks possible for the browser environment or sony ericsson xperia x10 semc usb flash optimise the display or String from Sigit Hari Setiawan – thanks.

It’s in Appendix B.

[SOEカスタマイズ]XperiaZRKitKat Install root化 | いわゆるえんどゅーざ

Using MS Mobile 5. String from Pete Serina – thanks. String from Ben Anderson – thanks.

String from David Hoegen – thanks. There are already thousands of apps available out there for the Android OS. This has now turned into a Japanese corner and covers a number of mobile services in that country – not just DoCoMo – much of the data was supplied by Ale Karawapo – very many thanks. Stock n80 string see Nokia heading note for full list. From Mike Royalty – thanks.

[SO-04Eカスタマイズ]XperiaZR5.0.2Lollipop Install root化 recovery導入

String from Neil Chalk – thanks. Modest camera, JAVA and with a telephone that works. String from Ronnie Nunez – thanks. String from Danny Armstrong – thanks. String from Louis Russo – Thanks. String from Steve Goodwin – thanks.

HP Touchpad with the now defunct WebOS well this week anyway ericssno who knows they may change their mind – again. Supplied by alex Svetlev – thanks.

Available on a huge number of handsets. String from Tulasi Raj – thanks. After entering null in the password field it started working.